File Submission

Digital files can be sent to us in a number of different ways:

  • Digital storage media via hand, traditional mail or overnight courier.
  • Small files can be sent as attachments to an email message.
  • FTP site (file transfer protocol).

Programs, Files, and Media

The following native application files, file formats and media types are accepted by Cuesta Printing. If you do not see your application, file or media of choice listed, please contact us to determine if we can accept it or find an alternate output solution.

Native Application Files
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe GoLive
• QuarkXPress
• Adobe Acrobat
File Formats
• Photoshop EPS

Before sending your files:

  • Check the File Preparation page for further instructions.
  • Stuff or ZIP all files (even single files)
  • A hard copy print or fax is required for all jobs sent electronically.

FTP Transfer (

FTP’ing a file can be done using FTP clients such as Fetch (Mac), WinSCP (free at, WS-FTP or Cute FTP (Windows) which can be downloaded free from a variety of shareware websites (e.g.:,, or Please contact us for the current settings of our FTP site and to get a user name and password.

E-Mail Attachments

You may also send files as attachments to an e-mail message if the file size is less than 10MB. In the text portion of the message, include the name of the compressed file (StuffIt or Zip), what it contains and any special instructions. Use the “Attach” option in your email client to access the file you wish to send.

Remember that we need a hard copy print or fax of jobs sent to us via e-mail. Send the message to EMail Files.