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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

With Cuesta Printing you can rest assured that your print product will turn out right the first time. We offer superior quality printing all backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee of comparable quantity and quantity.

Fast Turnaround

We know how critical turnaround is to you. Meeting your deadline without compromising quality or value is one of our high priorities. So is giving you an honest and reliable turn time estimate.

Turnaround days vary from job-tojob and the time we receive your materials. This assumes a quick “okay” from our preflight specialist and a minimum of alterations. Reprints are generally completed in 3-10 business days or less.

If you have special scheduling needs, we will work with you on a job-by-job basis to ensure that your deadlines are fulfilled.

Sometimes preflight technicians find something in your materials that must be adjusted before the project can move forward. In such instances, we’ll call you immediately and discuss the matter with you so that a quick resolution can be achieved. Because we cannot move forward with the project until the matter is resolved, the turnaround clock may not start ticking.

Fast Service

If you have been waiting months for your custom printing projects to arrive, you may not be their largest client or their first priority. Our business is built off of referrals and the good experiences that we create for our customers. This is why we make each customer a priority resulting in prompt attention and fast service. We offer expedited shipping in the case of an emergency order, fast design preparation, and a level of service you may not be used to.

We make your satisfaction our number one responsibility.

Door To Door Service

If you are on a busy schedule we can arrange a “Let’s Meet” appointment to visit you at your place of business for a consultation* with one of our print experts to discuss your printing requirements. We work with your schedule and provide services at your convenience.

When working with Cuesta Printing And Graphics, we deliver your order directly to your door. You can do business with a local Miami company, and save gas by not having to drive around town to get quotes on pricing. Convenience is our middle name. Choose your delivery time-frame and we promise to do everything in our power to deliver your products in a timely fashion.

* Consultations are by appointment only, so please allow a few days for scheduling.

Best Price

We can work with your budget AND meet your tight deadlines.

When you don’t speak the print lingo, it can be hard to compare features between printing vendors. When companies speak about certain methods of printing or paper to be used, most people don’t really have the background to understand their purchasing decision. We make it a simple process to understand what you will be getting and offer the best prices available. Just call us or email us and tell us about what you are looking to do, and we will let you know the cheapest option, a mid-range quality option, or the fanciest option.

If your order requires expedited delivery and shipping requirements force you to pay more than you had hoped for, we will let you know what delivery time frames may lower the cost to meet your budget. The most important factor to lower the printing cost is always to plan ahead, ensuring you have ample time for creating your merchandise, and you will end up paying less for a standard delivery.

Quality Assurance

Once your order is placed with us, we make sure it gets printed properly, using the best quality inks, products, threads, and paper. Your custom printed items will be shipped directly to you and will be hand delivered to your location. Our quality is second to none. If you find a product that you are interested in elsewhere on the internet, just send us a link to it. We can then make sure the quality of the products that you receive from us meet or exceed the specs on what you are considering purchasing.

Many of the online stores require you to prepare and provide your graphic files in exact dimensions, or else you can’t place your order. They also make you browse through thousands of products until you possibly or accidentally stumble upon what you were looking for. The entire process can be very frustrating. You also can’t touch or feel any of the products, so quality may be an afterthought and only discovered once the items arrive at your door – and don’t meet your expectations. When you work with us, you will know that the quality won’t disappoint. If you are not happy, we will make it right.

Custom Graphic Design

From the creation of a company’s logo to the development of all your business needs, Cuesta Printing And Graphics is an award-winning team comprised of exceptional designers who will take an idea and make it come to life through a creative concept and final design.

Offering design, layout, computer graphics, copywriting and photography capabilities, Cuesta Printing And Graphics is a one-stop resource for producing high impact ads, annual reports, brochures, corporate identity packages, direct mail, logos/trademarks, manuals, newsletters, posters, and other communications projects, this comprehensive graphic communications team can streamline the production of your project from concept all the way through printing and delivery.

Cuesta Printing And Graphics offers excellent graphic design and pre-press services. Most companies are looking to stand out among the rest, so having a nice presentation and branded materials make a big difference in today’s competitive market place.

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