How to get a print quote Quickly

Something we have observed from years of working in print is that people often leave asking for a print quote to the very last minute and as a result they typically need the quote and then the actual print work produced very quickly.

But if you need to get a print quote quickly how can you help to speed the process up?

  • Be as clear as possible about what you’re actually asking for.
    Overly vague print quote requests tend to produce inaccurate or even misleading estimates. So try to narrow down your print quote request criteria in advance by considering the following:
  • How many do you need?
    An important element of the price of your printing will be the quantity. Always ask for a base number, but then ask for a couple of run-on numbers too. TIP: Run-ons in printing are often inexpensive.
  • Which type of stock do you require?
    Stock or paper is critical to the pricing of your work. If you’re producing a brochure consider whether the cover will be on a different material to the inside. If it’s a leaflet then do you want it to be on a gloss or matt paper.
  • Who will design your printing?
    Good design is usually the difference between an impressive looking printed item and something that comes across as amateur. So don’t skimp on the design work!  Knowing whether you’re providing finished artwork or asking us to do the design for you will be crucial to the eventual outcome.Quickest way to ask for an accurate quote is to use a print quote form which leads you through the various questions that need to be answered in order to a print estimate. Good printing companies will provide such a form on a their website and it’s definitely well worthwhile taking advantage because the person who then produces your printing quote will know that they have all the information required to produce it quickly for you.Here’s our Print Quote Request Form which asks all the relevant questions very quickly.  You can visit our print quote request form here.

Print Quote Request Form

Fill in the specification of your print project, leave your contact details, click submit and voila, you’re done!

Our sales team will call with any questions or else will work on an estimate for you and promptly reply to the email address you leave.


Your job name or short description.

Enter "Other" job type.

Enter Quantity. Enter up to three quantities separated by a comma, that you may require.

The final size of the piece once folded. Enter a custom size in inches eg. '(width)x(height)in'.

Enter the custom finished size.

Enter number of pages. A 'Page' is a printed side. 8pp A4 for example is therefore 4 sheets of A4 printed both sides. You must enter here how many sides in total (including the cover) of the document.

How will the final job be assembled?

Full color/CMYK/4 color process all basically mean printing in as many colors as you wish. Spot colors/Pantones refers to specific single colors, used where an exact color must be matched time after time.

Enter your custom Pantone color(s). For example "2 colors, Pantone 349 & 373."

This is for your text pages (or all if it is self cover). Matt, Silk and Gloss Art papers are all coated and are the norm for full colour work - they only differ by level of coating applied, with gloss being the highest. Uncoated papers are being used for stationery and forms. It can be used for full colour works too, but do note, the ink absorbs into the paper so images can look a bit ‘flatter’.

Describe "other" stock type required.

Other stock weight required, in gsm or if unsure simply type 'choose for me'.

Check the boxes if you want fully recycled stock or if you want to make a FSC/PEFC claim (we'll contact you regarding use of logos).


On many booklets/brochures you'll want the cover on a heavier material and often apply special finishes like lamination, spot UV, foils etc. to really make it stand out. Complete the details here for your cover.


Press ready PDF is the norm or one the professional packages like Indesign, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Quark, etc. Or would you like our design studio to assist with the master creation?

Upload another

Maximum size 8MB. PDF, .AI, etc.

Any other general comments, suggestion or questions should be added here.


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